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Holder for Bosch batteries
Holder for Bosch batteries
Designed by 3D_geek89
All holders can be combined in any way

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Additive manufacturing is usually referred to as 3D manufacturing or generative manufacturing.
This process is becoming more and more important, especially for individual solutions or prototype construction. For example, when it comes to individualising tools with accessories, this platform should serve as a part of the solution and provide different models. Specifically, we want to offer the possibility of community-based solutions.

Print settings depend on the printer and the material used.
Good experiences have been made with an infill of 15% and a 'Zig Zack' as support. Depending on the bed adhesion, a raft may be necessary.
3D printer used: Anycubic Chiron
Slicer used: Ultimaker Cura.

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