Colored ring for SoftFinish screwdriver

Are you constantly missing your favorite screwdriver? Maybe because someone “completely accidentally” put it in their pocket?
Put an end to that and simply mark your screwdrivers with these colored rings. Print out the color rings, slide them onto the screwdriver and you're done... Your screwdriver, your colour!
There are two files in the download. A single ring to print out or by inserting it into your slicer several times, print any number of rings at once (as many are needed or as much space is available on your print bed :-). Also a file with 6 rings, suitable for the 6-piece screwdriver sets from Wiha.
(Note: Clamping of the color rings on the Wiha SoftFinish® electric slimFix screwdriver depends on the filament used and the printing accuracy. Definitely tight with a drop of superglue :-).

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Print settings depend on the printer and the material used.
Good experiences have been made with an infill of 15% and a 'Zig Zack' as support. Depending on the bed adhesion, a raft may be necessary.
3D printer used: Anycubic Chiron
Slicer used: Ultimaker Cura.

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