Holder for screwdrivers

Stylish holder for up to 7 screwdrivers.
Can be attached to the wall or perforated wall (with standard spacing) via two recesses.
The holder can be extended with other holders on the left and right.

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Outer dimensions 80 mm x 157 mm x 37 mm
Diameter 1 (top): 3 pieces of 15 mm / 3 pieces of 13.5 mm / 1 piece of 12.5 mm
Diameter 2 (bottom): 3 pieces of 12.5 mm / 3 pieces of 8 mm / 1 piece of 6.5 mm


Print settings depend on the printer and the material used.
Good experiences have been made with an infill of 15% and a 'Zig Zack' as support. Depending on the bed adhesion, a raft may be necessary.
3D printer used: Anycubic Chiron
Slicer used: Ultimaker Cura.

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General notes
The articles are 3D printed parts whose surface quality and dimensional accuracy depend on the respective printer, material used and print settings. The products are also subject to these process-related variations when purchasing a printed item. Products are printed according to order and, as custom-made products, are excluded from exchange or return.